Anti-Gravity Zen Pot

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The 🌱 Anti-Gravity Zen Pot! 🌱is guaranteed to brighten any room. It uses an elegant design to transform a room and bring some MAGIC into your life! This is the perfect gift to WOW your guests or to add some new life into your office.

The 🌱 Anti-Gravity Zen Pot! 🌱 works on any real or artificial plant. The power of the electromagnet helps suspend the bonsai in mid-air, giving the illusion that the tree is floating and rotating. It is very easy to set up and there is no effort to set up. This is perfect for a small indoor plant.


How it Works:

  • Connect the power adapter and put the base put the base on a flat surface.
  • Hold the pot toward the center of the base with two hands. Slowly put the pot down towards the base.
  • When you will feel the magnetic force, pull or push the pot and adjust the position properly to the center of the base.
  • If you feel the force has disappeared, keep the pot stable for 3-5 seconds. Then slowly remove hands until the pot stays by itself.
  • Try again if you are having some difficulty! If the base gets wet, be sure to dry it.


  • Max Levitating Weight: 300g
  • Floating Distance: 5-25mm
  • AC Power Adapter: Output DC 12V

What You Get:

  • 1 x Pot
  • 1 X Base
  • 1 X Power Adapter
  • No Plant Included